If you attend my open house, I’ll fold your laundry for LIFE!

If you attend my open house, I’ll fold your laundry for LIFE!

Last weekend I took my wife and kids to a nice family restaurant. They serve Hawaiian food. Flaming tiki torches, beautiful decor and oh so much more. That place rocks. Just before walking in I noticed one of the 5 trillion nail salons in Houston next door. On the window it read… “FREE PEDICURE” with manicure. It instantly reminded me of that crappy little sandwich shop by my favorite gas station that keeps lowering their prices and advertising NEW MANAGEMENT.

Right before a business flat lines it flops around like a fish desperately seeking last minute customers. You can’t give your product away or beg for customers. It will not work. If it does, please correct me in the comment section below. I’m always willing to learn.
I got an email (as I always do) from a fellow agent begging me to come to her open house. She sent out a mass email saying anyone who attended would have a FREE hand massage, an opportunity to win one of three cash prizes AND a potential opportunity to win some voucher on a cruise liner.


To be real honest… I’d rather be forced to watch that Giglia movie with Ben Afleck & Jennifer Lopez in Spanish than goof around with some free travel voucher.


These “prizes” are often purchased by some vendor the Listing Agent has convinced to show up. Convinced is a strong word. The vendors are just as anxious to get new Realtor business as I am to get a closing. The Listing Agent does however exhaust their “requests” and “favors.”


Nothing is free.


Why do agents attend Open Houses anyways?


1. Free booze.

2. Free BBQ.

3. Free booze.

4. Free Happy Hour.

5. Great pit stop to tell and hear some jokes.


Hey, someTHINGS are free!



Almost no agent attends an Open House to learn more about that floor-plan in XYZ neighborhood. Truthfully, we don’t care. Open Houses in “some markets” are worth their salt. I will say that. Each city and state is different.


If you have to bribe, beg and pay for agents to come to your Open House you’re wasting your time, favors, money and most importantly…


you’re fooling your seller.


For the record, I don’t like having my hands massaged by some guy at an Open House. It’s weird. I also would light a match to any CRUISE VOUCHER. Really? You think I wanna sit in the engine room on a 2 day trip to nowhere special with a bunch of other losers who got a free “coupon.” Really? No thanks.
Offer me some free wine/beer and food. I’ll be there. If I can. When my buyer wants more information about area homes I’ll do what 90% of Texas home buyers do. I’ll jump online.

photo by: thisreidwrites
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