Is Experian Selling Your Personal Information To Agents And Lenders?

Is Experian Selling Your Personal Information To Agents And Lenders?

This morning I Googled a phrase about home sellers and came across Experian, the credit agency. To my surprise Experian is able to sell me real estate leads.  To be perfectly honest, I pictured someone at Experian selling my data to a local bank or real estate firm.

Then I thought…. No way that’s legal! I guess I’m a lot more naive than I thought.




To some of you this may be nothing new, to me it was a reminder that everything can and usually is for sale. I called Experian and my first question was.. “Are you guys the same Experian affiliated with the credit agency?” A quick “Yes” was delivered.

Here’s what I took from the conversation:

1. Each lead ranges from 8.5 cents to 20 cents depending on the demographical information that I request for my area. I then have access to a rather large data base along with any one else who purchases with those exact same parameters.

2. When someone applies for a mortgage it’s called a “TRIGGER LEAD.” As a Realtor or lender it would benefit “us” to know who is applying for a mortgage, don’t ya think? But Experian claims they do not sell this type of lead…. you have to contact the “Credit Division” and they can sell it instead! Aghhh, that must make this legal. Another department.


I wonder where it reads.. “Your demographical information and interest to get a home loan could result in Realtors, lenders and banks calling you!”


The theorist have always suggested that our credit monitoring companies were “selling information.” They’ve always accused them because they house so much personal information. What’s your take on this and how do you feel about your credit agencies selling ANY of your information?

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