Understanding The Value of The Home You Are About To Buy…

Understanding The Value of The Home You Are About To Buy…

article_22230_1[1]There are a couple of sayings in real estate that you should know… “At some point, every home will sell.” Another is, “The home is worth what the buyer is willing to pay.”

The fact of the matter is that there are only two ways to view comparable sales on our MLS. One, you have to be a licensed Realtor® or Broker, the other is being an Appraiser. That is it. There are many websites like Zillow who can provide you an instant valuation. Texas is a Non-Disclosure state. A Non-Disclosure State is a state that does not record property sales prices as a matter of public record. This means that any FREE comp service in these states is going to be a marginal guess at actual sales prices and values.

Zillow has a virtually no access to our most recently sold homes. Our own MLS, HAR.com will at best provide a range of say, $175,000 – $190,000 if you visit the site & click on the tab that reads, “What’s My Home Worth?” you will find a valuation range, not a list of comparable sales. According to Zillow they give themselves one star out of five for accuracy for their valuations here in Texas.

I am here seven days a week to provide you reports, data and detailed information, right from the MLS.

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