Just Because You Have Goats Doesn’t Mean You Own A Ranch!!

Just Because You Have Goats Doesn’t Mean You Own A Ranch!!

Our MLS gives us the option to list our listings as one of several different ways: Colonial, Victorian, Traditional, Contemporary/Modern, English, French, Georgian, Mediterranean, Ranch, Spanish, Split-Level or other. Traditional is by far the most common type of classification on our MLS. It’s very important for Sellers and Realtors to understand that if you classify a listing as something it is not that you could be selling something under false pretenses.

Just because your home has Spanish tile and delicious home made salsa in the fridge doesn’t mean you can market your home as “Spanish-Built.” Recently a local agent listed his brand new listing as “Mediterranean” and was later flagged by the MLS for a violation. Having a lot of vines and statues out front didn’t classify this house as Mediterranean. I was joking about the salsa, but I’m not joking about what happened to this agent. He thought because the home had a Mediterranean “feel” that it could be listed as Mediterranean built. We can shake our heads about this later.

Spanish and Mediterranean homes are almost always built out of stucco or block exterior, not ACME brick manufactured in Houston. Block and stucco allow the interior of the home to stay cooler with less dependency of an air conditioner. You can usually find these types of homes along the coast of California as their climate is similar to that of Spain.

And to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what a Georgian home looks like. I grow tired of people classifying their listing as Victorian when it’s not. List your home correctly! Can you imagine someone finding out that they don’t own599px-Goat_houdini an English home after they close on it? And just because you have goats in the back in an unrestricted area doesn’t mean you have a Ranch!

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