I Only Enter My Listings In On Thursday. <----- Why?!

I Only Enter My Listings In On Thursday. <----- Why?!

One of my clients told me a story about one of their friends who is a real estate agent in another state. Apparently this agent will only upload her listings to the MLS on Thursdays. I’m all for schedules and routines, but this really does beg the question… WHY would you do this?


In Texas the listing agreements our sellers sign state that we Brokers must list the home on the MLS within 5 days. I’m sure this gives the listing brokerage adequate time and preparation, but does any Broker really need to wait five, six or even 7 days?

I’m excited when I get a new listing.

Like a puppy jumping up and down and I can’t wait to put my new property on the MLS. Every day the home is not being advertised is every day you cannot sell it.

I especially rush to enter a listing if it’s Friday. I want to make especially sure buyers & agents have my listing included as a potential home to show!

If I had to wait 5-7 days to enter a listing then I’d probably be due for another assistant!

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